Tuesday, December 16, 2014

African animals

African animals pancakes

I made these for the Weekend Today show last Sunday.  Here are a few other pictures from the visit:

I was a guest on Fox and Friends yesterday – here’s a video.
1-Pancake anchor faces

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Snake pancakes

Gryphon liked the “panimation” we tried to make in the video above.
Snake pancakes

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Pancake
I do admit to having Weird Al’s Eat It running through my head while I was working on this one.  If you like the music in the video below, check out my friend Rick's site .  You can download the mp3 here.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nye / Tyson

Bill Nye / Neil deGrasse Tyson pancakeBill Nye’s birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year, so we celebrated a little early with… yes, pancakes.
Pancake video!
Bonus: The kids were excited to learn about Rosetta’s successes earlier this month.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Star Wars: The Sith

The kids were in the mood to eat some Star Wars villains for breakfast.
Star Wars - Sith pancakes

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


A few local caterpillars.  They’re actually a lot more colorful.Caterpillar pancakes

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, Galois!

Galois pancakeHappy birthday to √Čvariste Galois – genius, romantic, and tragic hero.

Friday, October 17, 2014


Ape pancakes

Gryphon made a nice gorilla pancake of his own, which inspired the apecakes above.
gorilla pancake

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Walking Dead

For the return of The Walking Dead this evening, fellow pancake artist Kevin Blankenship and I teamed up to celebrate.  While we felt like zombies as we feasted on these characters, we had to admit: they did taste good.

The Walking Dead pancakesKevin Blankenship

Monday, October 6, 2014


I make a lot of pancakes for kids, but these I made for myself.

Zombie pancakes

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Spirocakes with Dad

My dad and I tried out the latest version of the Pangraph yesterday.  It doesn’t allow smooth enough motion yet, but it’s still fun.
spirocakes using the pangraph

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Predatory worms

These creepy worms live in the sea, some of them in very cold places.
Most are mentioned in this article.
Predatory worm pancakes

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pancake stencils

We tried a new style of pancake art this morning – using stencils.  Gryphon got Darth Vader and Alice got Queen Elsa.  pancake stencilspancake stencilsI got the idea from pitw.com, but made separate stencils for highlights and shadows, which you can download here.  To color them I used powdered sugar and hot cocoa mix sprinkled through a sieve.

This video sums up the morning:

Monday, September 1, 2014

Pangraph v.3

We made some tasty Spirocakes this morning!
1-blog - pancakesThe Pangraph machine is working pretty well now – check it out:

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pangraph v.2

Here’s the status of the Pangraph machine…

…though I did get one decent spirocake out of it.SONY DSC

Sunday, August 24, 2014



(Thanks to marine ecologist Michael O’Donnell for the suggestion)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Blackberry Spirocakes


1-DSC04924I’ve received some questions about making the Pangraph, so I made this video:

Sunday, August 10, 2014



Here’s the latest pancake art invention to come out of our kitchen – the Spirograph-inspired “Pangraph”

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll pancake

One of Alice’s favorite books was published today in 1865 – she feels like a star:

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Declaration Day!

Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams.  Don’t worry, George is over here.Thomas Jefferson PancakeBenjamin Franklin pancakeJohn Adams pancake

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


SONY DSCWe made some pancakes on the summer solstice… Olaf made an appearance.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pancake Silly Maker

We experimented with automation this morning.  It didn’t go as well as I had envisioned; maybe you can come up with a better way?



Earlier this week I took requests in Gryphon’s kindergarten class.