Sunday, December 16, 2012

Star Trek

Spock posed for a picture with my son just before boldly going where no man has gone before.


Questrade Offer Codes and Promotional Codes Lover said...

Your site is featured in Digg and popped in here. Was hoping this was a product i could buy :( Nicely done! Btw, you forgot about Scotty :(

Interestingly, you could make a very successful business selling frozen pancake designs to the masses. A lot of parents would buy this and other designs u've done. I know i would buy at least 10 cases each month of Star Trek pancakes!!

chrisfromiowa said...

Are these Enterprise Officer Pancakes or are they Mirror Universe Enterprise Officer Pancakes. Either way brilliant. On a side note I am convinced we live in the Mirror Universe portrayed in those episodes. Good work, really. A high bar indeed. Regards C