Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ugly Pancake Contest

Well, the artsy pancakes didn’t materialize this weekend, but you know what did?  This ugly thing.
Think you can make an uglier pancake? 
1. It must be mostly pancake batter, and cooked like a pancake.
2. You (or someone) must eat it.
You have until Saturday, May 19, to send me a photo of your creation.  Winner will be chosen by my 4-year-old son.  Honorable mentions will also be included on the site.  Send your photo(s), title, and explanation to


Lukas said...

So, I just discovered this blog, and I have to ask... Are you a wizard? I cannot fathom any possible way to create such delicious breakfast-based beauty outside of the dark alchemical arts. Seriously, I'd love to know your secret.

N. Shields said...

And this is how I put my wizarding powers to use? Ha ha. The secret is a baster with a little nozzle that came off of an air pump.

CHERI said...

I figured you'd have some sort of tool like that but all I can say is WOW. I can't even draw that well with a PENCIL let alone make pancakes that are that well-done, you are an artist! Okay, I'll be really honest, I can't even make regular ROUND pancakes that well. Haha.

I am definitely going to feature your artistry on my blog very soon, if that's okay with you.

Bet your kids think you are just the coolest! :D


N. Shields said...

Thanks for the kind words! So far only one ugly pancake has been submitted - maybe one of your readers will win!

Stannous Flouride said...

I find it fascinating to be able to track your progress. Starting with very simple flapjacks, as many parents do but then taking it to new heights as you developed your technique.
You might consider a How-To book for kids and adults. They, and kids' books are among the easiest to get published.

All the best.
Stan Flouride

N. Shields said...

Thanks for the suggestion!

Noelypole said...

What a fab site! I happened to stumble on this through the "WIN!" section of the site. I LOVE the mathematical ones. Mandelbrot eat your pancake out! My Saturday routine is making pancakes so expect a submission. :)


N. Shields said...

Thank you - I'll be waiting. So far we have only 3 submissions!

Cheri said...

How about some different birds or maybe different types of flowers? I would love to see some tropical birds like the ones I see here in Florida - like some egrets, pelicans, sandpipers, things like that! :D

city said...

thanks for sharing.